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From simple to advanced we have the solution to get you setup quickly and efficiently.

Sometimes organizations are required to maintain a hybrid filing system. Paper and paperless files.  Filing Superstore was develop to make it easy to create and manage the key items and processes that are critical to organizing your companies paper and electronic documents. Integrated with our affordable online solution, Eforms & More, users can quickly enter form data to Print Color & Barcoded Labels, Initiate Business Processes, Track Documents-Folder-Boxes, Manage Electronic Forms and Documents, Integrate & Share Eform Data with other applications and much, much more. Contact us today to get started with one of our departmental of industry bundled packages.

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If you are struggling with managing your filing systems or filing supplies our professionals can help you quickly update your paper and paperless filing system. Our smart folders can easily be tracked as they are created, requested, archived and destroyed. Better protect and manage your business critical information today.


The Importance Of Filing Supplies Consistency

In most cases, an organization will take great care setting up an organizing their paper and paperless records management system. Proper indexing, labeling and color-coding reduces misfiles and saves time. Once we determine the best indexing system, folders and labels needed to maintain your business critical documents we will stock those items for you so that you will always have them when needed. Whether we are providing folders, labor or consulting we take our records management seriously. Contact us if you need assistance. 

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